Why Trump Will Win Again

Why Trump Will Win Again

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of our wonderful USA. To this day, most democrats will not accept the fact that their beloved Hillary lost the election and they’ve been attacking President Trump six ways from Sunday since day one. Never before in our nation’s history has a President had to endure the lies, harassment and “fake news” that President Trump has endured. Despite all the attacks and smear campaigns, President Trump has fulfilled his promises to the American people.

One of the first promises Trump made to the American people during his campaign was to build a big beautiful wall. The American people want this. We want to feel safe in our country and we welcome people to immigrate here but to do so legally. Illegals cannot be allowed to rush our border. No other country allows this. Allowing people into our country unchecked is a death wish. Most other countries have walls. The amount of pushback the democrats have given this President on this issue is absurd and frankly criminal.

President Trump also made a promise during his campaign to help our wonderful Veterans. His concern for the welfare and health of Veterans trumps (no pun intended) any previous President or administration. While the democrats are more concerned with giving free healthcare to illegals, Trump is making sure our Veterans are receiving the well-deserved care that they need.

Next, we have our jobs numbers. There was a time when our last President (Obama) made a statement that the lost manufacturing jobs were not coming back. Well, Obama was proven wrong by Donald Trump. Leave it to a savvy businessman to get our great USA back on the right track. America’s jobs numbers have never looked better! There are more job openings than people to fill them. This goes hand in hand with the thriving stock market. Business is booming in the Trump economy.

Another important issue to Donald Trump is protecting life. He is a pro-life President. He is trying his best to defund Planned Parenthood, which is what his voters want and what he promised during his campaign. Most Americans agree that we should not have our hard-earned tax dollars used to pay for abortions.

Trump has also signed an executive order to end the individual mandate that forced Americans to pay for insurance or be forced to pay a fine. Thankfully, the Republicans came up with a bill to eliminate the individual mandate and Trump signed it. Most Americans agree that a free market system for healthcare is what’s best for their families.

Next let’s talk about undocumented immigrants. This is important to the majority of Americans. Supporting undocumented immigrants puts a major strain on our government programs. There are millions of children of undocumented immigrants that automatically become American citizens in which tax payers have to foot the bill for in terms of welfare dollars. Many noncitizens receive Medicaid and food stamps. The democrats love this idea because their ultimate goal is to achieve power. They know the way to do this is to create a welfare state… controlling the masses by making everyone dependent on government. Listening to the democrat candidates in the last few debates, many of them support to repeal the “criminal statute” for entering the country illegally. They want to treat individuals who cross our borders illegally as civil offenders and not charge them criminally. This will basically be a green light for individuals who want to come here knowing they will just get a slap in the wrist if caught. Another concern of most Americans is the criminal activity from a large number of illegals. Gang related criminal activity is on the rise nationwide due to Hispanic immigration. Also, if we just let people rush our border, not only will it burden America financially but these people and their children have to live somewhere. Someone has to pay for housing and it will be the American taxpayers. Again, let me emphasize that most Americans believe in and encourage legal immigration but it must be legal and regulated as to not burden our system.

Now let’s discuss some of the rhetoric spewing from the far left starting with the cancellation of student debt. Yes, in a perfect world every student would go to college for free however this isn’t a perfect world. Nothing is ever free. Somebody somewhere has to foot the bill. Many Americans have paid off their student debt over the course of many years. Now Pocahontas and Bernie among others think those that worked hard to sacrifice many years to pay off their own debts should be forced through taxes to pay off everyone’s student debt. No! Sorry kids but this isn’t happening! I myself went to a local college right out of high school for that reason. I lived at home with my parents and received my bachelor’s degree because I didn’t want to take out a student loan and go to a large university. There are consequences to our choices and actions and if young adults don’t want to spend the first 10 years after college graduation paying off loans then they should consider a community college or an education a little more within their means. The American people are not going go for this ridiculousness!

In 2017 President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. His tax plan doubled the standard deduction as well as expanded the deduction for medical expenses. It also increased the Child Tax Credit from $1000.00 to $2000.00. It allows $500.00 credit for each non-child dependent which helps those caring for elderly parents. This Tax Act also helps the self-employed by taking advantage of the 20% deduction on qualified income. The democrats say that this Tax Act only benefits the highest earners but the truth is that tax rates are lowered for everyone.

During his campaign President Trump made a promise to the American people that he would appoint conservative judges to our most high courts. This far he has appointed 150 lifetime federal judges. More than any other President in history. He has also appointed 2 conservative judges during his presidency. Most Americans want judges who will follow the constitution. The Democrats desperately want to win back the senate so they can turn the tide from constitutional judges to judges that will abandon the constitution to suit their radical agenda.

The Mueller report, that Democrats were hanging their hats on with high hopes of nailing our President, turned out to be a nothing burger. It’s almost as if the democrats believe that if they say something enough that it will come true. The democrats really believed that there was going to be something in the report so damaging to our President that it would cause the Americans to turn on him. The Mueller investigation went on for 674 days and cost the American taxpayer around $32 million dollars. That’s really sad considering the investigation proved no collusion and turned out to be what we knew to be a witch-hunt. That money could have been spent to help the homeless or our veterans but instead the democrats are obsessed with removing our duly elected President any way they can. The American people see through all of these shenanigans.

Then we have impeachment ordeal. If the democrats are able to impeach a duly elected President and go against the will of the people this will be the greatest travesty this country has ever seen. The democrats are trying to convince the American people that there was a “quid pro quo” in a conversation between Zelensky, the Ukraine President and President Trump. President Trump released the transcript to be as transparent as possible proving there was nothing criminal in the conversation. Basically, Trump asked Zelensky to look into corruption committed by the Bidens. When Joe Biden was Vice President his son became a board member of Burisma Holdings which is a natural gas company in Ukraine. The owner of the company then became investigated for corruption and Joe Biden who was Vice President at that time pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the lead prosecutor because Joe was afraid the prosecutor was going to investigate his son who had ties to the company. Proof of this is in an interview where Joe Biden himself brags that he told the Ukraine government that he was going to withhold loan guarantees from our country until they fire the prosecutor who was looking into the company where his son was involved. Let me reiterate that this happened while Joe Biden was Vice President of the USA. If anyone should be looked into for criminal actions, it is Joe Biden.

Now we have a “fake whistleblower“ who the democrats insist on remaining anonymous saying that he/she was concerned about this phone call between Trump and Zelensky. Although the more that the truth comes to light, we are finding that the “whistleblower” is an anti-trumper, as is his attorney. This is all another witch-hunt from the democrats, a plan b if you will since the Mueller investigation turned out to be nothing. The democrats know that they cannot win in the 2020 election and beat Trump because his supporters are pleased with what he is doing with our booming economy etc. The American people are too smart to fall for this unacceptable behavior by the democrats. Every house member that votes to impeach this President should lose their job and be voted out in the next election. I hope the American people are taking notes.

President Trump’s “America first” attitude is what helped him win the Presidential election in 2016.

In summary, President Trump has brought to fruition his promises to help the economy, help the middle class, and protect religious freedom. There are no candidates currently, Republican or Democrat, that can match the positives he has accomplished in our great country and this is why I believe President Trump will win re-election.

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Sabrina Brown

I am a born-again Christian from a small town in southwest VA. I grew up in a blue collar household in coal country and believe that we all must work hard to get what we want out of life. My first passion is animals. I currently volunteer at a shelter. I walk and play with shelter dogs until they get adopted. I also have 4 dogs of my own. My second passion is politics. I was on the debate team in college, and have for many years been interested in the direction of our great country. I am the daughter of a veteran and also have a nephew that is a soldier in the military. I strongly believe that the constitution should be applied as it is written, and we must be a country of law and order.

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