Step 1 – A Prescription For The PC Pacifist aka Understanding the Art of Enforcement

A Prescription For The PC Pacifist aka Understanding the Art of Enforcement

Political correctness has a unique ability to enforce behavior without lifting a finger, applying duress, or assigning itself to a single source or individual. Usually, a concept’s origination can be traced to a specific individual… even when the concept is part of a movement there was an individual that was assigned as its source. Not so with politically correct concepts. We are led to believe that political correctness is rooted in universal fairness, universal opinion, and if you don’t agree then you are fair game to be targeted and punished… by mobs, left-wing media impersonators, or simply a left leaning individual. For the most part you don’t give it a second thought. It has been a de facto part of life for so long that it appears to be normal. 

But wait… It hasn’t been that long since it was politically correct to say the Pledge of Allegiance in the public school system, respect the office of the president, have reasonable political debate, or consider America exceptional. 

Political correctness seems to have the force of law, doesn’t it? It curbs and polices speech, modifies behavior, and allows misconceptions to perpetuate. Liberal dogma is much like indoctrination into a cult; concepts are enforced as beliefs, and failure to uphold the dogma is punished by shunning and attack. Liberal dogma is so weak that they want to inhibit the speech of differing points of view. They attack conservative speech and belief with a hatred that’s difficult for an outsider to comprehend. Consider the Democrats impeachment charade without even a sliver of direct evidence. They will attack you personally if you oppose their opinion. That’s insecurity 101. That’s how cults control the minds of their followers. And that’s how weak the dogma actually is.

The question is, how do you deal with it? How do you react or act when confronted with it? What can you do to help create a different politically correct environment?

Even if you don’t like it, you do it anyway or mention that you are “not” politically correct only when safely in your own politically correct circles. That’s a problem with the traditional definition of conservative. I aim to help change that limited definition with this and following articles. While millions of us have put that caution aside, most still consider political correctness a fact of life.

There is a better way forward.

Despite the fact that I have given you a hint, I want to clarify a couple points before I proceed. The largest problems we have are not the “squad,” Bernie or the ever-so-slightly tamer Elizabeth versions of socialism. The Democratic Party has spent decades moving the goal post, inch by inch, to the point where socialism seems like an acceptable topic to a surprising number of Americans. This happened on your watch, our watch, like it or not. Railing against it or engaging liberals in debate about it is precisely what they want you to do. It opens the platform for them to shame you. It gives them airtime to belittle your point of view. When you talk about it you give them your power. When they talk about it, and then you laugh and dismiss it as ridiculous, their power is a fraction of what you currently give to them by engaging their every devious act. Don’t engage them. Dismiss them as you would dismiss an ant scurrying across the sidewalk.

As Ronald Reagan astutely noted; “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.”

You have to tell the story of what you want, what we the people want, not the rotten stuff we don’t want. Especially the destructive things that many liberals want – don’t engage it with any seriousness and don’t waste your time defending. You must always be prepared to dismiss and attack the source as though the source must be from Mars. This is what liberals do to you. It drives you crazy, doesn’t it? Imagine if you ignore the dogmatic attacks and chuckle about it, AND THEN give a dose right back. They won’t be expecting it, even if they have read this article.

Our issues are not the open border liberals, the illegal immigration shamers, George Soros or Nancy Pelosi. Our issues are essentially the opposite of what they drive your attention to with outrageous behavior and statements. Don’t engage it, period. Chuckle as you would by hearing a child suggest that the moon was made of cheese. Are you starting to grasp the dismissiveness required to create the desired result? Complete and total dismissiveness without flinching or grimace is the necessary attitude.

Because you find their ideals, behavior, ideas, or actions offensive to your own you give them your power by showing your distaste, resistance, and reluctance. 

Over time that reluctance started looking more like acceptance, inch by inch, for decades. It was clever, but not clever enough. It was so deceptive that most of us simply ignored it. Now that we find ourselves looking back over our own shoulder, prepared to defend, we know that we allowed this to happen during our watch. If you fail to grasp your responsibility in the creation of the political environment we are confronted with today, you will also fail to comprehend the solution.

The liberal mindset is composed of opinions that most liberals believe are absolute truths. However, their forceful opinions are nothing more than cult-like dogma that exists solely in the minds of liberals. The left has weaponized political correctness as a means to enforce your behavior. That’s all it is. Think of liberals as cult members and you will have a better idea how to deal with them.

President Trump tapped into something that you may or may not have completely understood. The left, in general, hasn’t understood it at all, but they are terrified of it. This is our opportunity. We can make it our destiny, but you are going to have to start telling the story of what we want, not engaging with liberals and what they want. It’s time to stop handing your power to those that will abuse it.

If you will continue reading a little longer, I am going to tell you exactly how to tell the story, precisely how to identify those that perpetuate the problem (including within our own party), and define the precise mechanism that led to the current state of political correctness. 

But first, I want to tell you a bit about who I am and why you should pay attention to what I have to say.

I am simply a 64-year-old average American that is fortunate enough to live in a red state. It’s a border state, so we see our share of reasons, on a daily basis, that define why we need a wall. Because of our state’s political policies, and resultant economy, we are a magnet for the escapees from blue states.  I am a guy with the view from the ground.

It also apparently happens that I may know something that you don’t. Perhaps you are aware of it but have not yet found a way to articulate it, or you may not be aware of its power at all.

Our elected officials were elected to serve us, not cop an attitude that they hold some type of power. Their biases certainly are not superior to ours. In fact, the only power that they have should be to fulfill our wishes. Do you get the idea?

Let’s take a look at a few conditions that have caused you to waste your time defending your beliefs, swatting away left-wing attacks, and even scratching your head in disbelief.

  • Why do so many people think it is their “job” to attack President Trump and his family?

Answer: Because it is politically correct to do it. Now, it’s true that any Republican currently has to put up with some of that BS anyway, but Trump and anyone that agrees with him are fair game for monstrous attacks. It’s only because it is politically correct, that’s all. And if you think that this is an over simplified answer… stay tuned.

  • Why do people think it’s ok to discriminate against Trump supporters, conservative ideas, or Christians/Jews for that matter?

Answer: Because it is politically correct to do it.

  • Why was the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing a spectacle of left-wing vitriol? Why can the left spew hate without remorse, media fact-checking, or opposition recourse?

Answer: Because it is politically correct to do it.

And on and on. The examples are endless.

It wasn’t that long ago when it was politically correct to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school and not worry about offending one or two in a group of dozens or hundreds. Offending someone by the Pledge in our schools should be an indication to take a look at those claiming to be offended, not a reason to remove the Pledge. Or, simply respect the office of the President. Most Republicans respected President Obama’s office even though they disagreed with most of his policies (under threat of being called a racist). But they respected the office just the same. Those days are over for now.

What happened?

You let the left hijack political correctness. We did.

You let the left control what is and what is not politically correct. When you are brave enough to question it at all it starts with something like” I know it’s not politically correct, but ….” We let this happen.

To the left, political correctness supersedes law, and when we let it slide, when we shrug and shake our head, we let it happen.

The Obama Justice Department ignored enforcing some laws because it wasn’t politically correct to enforce them. With a super majority of votes in the House and Senate, under Obama, the Democrats did nothing about illegal immigration. They could have opened the borders like they claim they want, yet they did nothing.


Because it was more important to control the politically correct narrative than solve a problem or create a new one (open borders) that they know would be created. It was more important to have an issue to shame you with, while pretending to be a champion of “what’s right.” They created the politically correct narrative that the issue was about humanity, compassion, etc., not enforcing the law or changing the law. Do you get it? Before you shrug and say to yourself “of course,” dig deeper into your soul. We let this happen as a group and we can change it as a group.

The longer you wait to act the more likely it is that we’ll end up with worse policies than we survived under Obama.

Our elected representatives used to debate and work out things on the basis of the greatest benefit to all of us. All Americans. Not anymore. Why bother? If you control political correctness you control more than your own political party; you control strength and weakness, you silence differing opinions, you think of yourself as morally superior, you enforce behavior with a feather… even when it is illegal. Cult-like, isn’t it?

Think about it. We let this happen partially because of what we think it means to be conservative (fair, and reluctant to shame the speech of the opposition). Trump was the first one to come along that was combative enough to wrestle some of our power back. Without him, we would probably be shuddering under a Clinton presidency. If you think Jeb, Chris, Ted or Mike could have beaten Clinton, think again and take a serious look at the demographics that became part of the Trump coalition. And worse, none of them would have accomplished a fraction of what Trump has accomplished while under constant attack.

Tenet number one: The group that controls any point of political correctness controls the right or wrong of that point, regardless of prevailing law.

Knowing this tenet, you, I, we can do something about the political environment we find ourselves in. If we act now, we can participate in a 2020 landslide that will turn a liberal’s terrified disbelief into awe.

First, we know exactly how to start the process. We only need to look at how liberals do it after all. They are so used to doing it that it is completely natural. They don’t even try to hide it. Many of them actually believe it. Think Pelosi when you want to know how to shame and blame with authenticity. Simply model her behavior. Study Pelosi’s description of things. She uses descriptions that border on (or are) outright lies, but create maximum emotional impact. She says it with conviction, with sincerity, and to the untrained listener… absolute certainty in what she says. She uses words that describe a catastrophe when she’s discussing a hangnail. And, she never backtracks, even in the unlikely event that liberal fact-checkers call her out. Start modeling that type of conviction with your own message and watch the changes begin to unfold before your eyes. 

It’s not just her words; it’s also the inflections and vocal tone. Practice those tones and inflections about the issues you care about and you will begin to turn the tide.

Laugh off liberals enthusiastically. If someone wants to attack you for the conditions at the border, for example, you make the source of the information look ridiculous. Get your general facts together and stand your ground. Laugh about the misinformation as if no rational person would or should believe it. Never engage with a defensive posture, always attack with whatever facts you have at hand with a smile on your face. In the spirit of Pelosi, attack in ways designed to evoke shame, blame, and regret within the opponent. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile, chuckle, and raise your eyebrows at the utter naivete of your opponent. And when you don’t have facts on hand, belittle the comment so dismissively that heads will turn; attack the source as uninformed and far out “left fringe.”

Remember the Agenda Project’s “Granny Off A Cliff” ad back in 2011? That ad was in response to a moderately sensible budget plan. Seriously. It’s hard to imagine Romney/Ryan doing something completely “right” sided, isn’t it? That ad is your example of the creativity required in your response to liberal attacks. Begin your reply with an equally outrageous example, and then proceed to chuckle and belittle the source. Get used to it and have some fun.

Second, stop calling the liberal media the mainstream media. That only furthers the notion that the “main” media sources are politically correct. Call them the liberal media, fake news media, bigoted media, spin media, counterfeit media, wannabe journalism, toxic media, DNC spokespeople, or any term that describes their bias in a derogatory, shameful way. My personal favorite; I like to call them Decepticoms. Think like a Liberal before you respond. How did liberals refer to Fox News when Fox News was covering Obama and Clinton during Obama’s presidency? They didn’t allow their followers to believe that Fox News had any news at all. And that was mild (because Fox News is largely mild) compared to what you need to be prepared to do with the liberal media. Belittle the liberal media to meaninglessness… and smile incredulously at the person trying to make a liberal point or referencing something they heard through a liberal media source.

That’s how you discuss the liberal media.

Third, stop talking about AOC and the “squad.” This is another subject that you should simply laugh about and disparage the source trying to engage you about it. They are meaningless, similar to an ant hill. The liberal media will burn them out on their own. They get more coverage when you discuss them, when you give them power they never had, and can’t get without the power you give them. Laugh about them when they do stupid stuff (and they will). Let the liberals push them into disgust and obscurity.

And why aren’t conservatives talking about how liberals use politics as a vehicle to wealth? Clinton, Gore, Obama, and of course the Biden family – use their name recognition gained through campaigns and political office, and parlay that into vast personal wealth. Liberal politicians decry wealth as a disease, they strive to convince their audience that getting something from government is the best the average American can hope for (calling it compassion), while using their position to amass a personal fortune. Even Bernie does this. This is a story for a good investigative reporter. Conservatives seek to empower the people; liberals seek to stagnate the population with mediocrity. Every conservative campaign should make this aspect of liberalism something that is hammered on at every speech, event, and appearance. Especially appearances on fake news shows. Remember, always attack. You’ll find your liberal friends suddenly defending everything. All of those mentioned above made their fortunes because of politics, not in the free market of America. Yes, I know, we are for things such as making the American dream come true for as many as possible. However, I think you can make the case that liberal politics makes rock stars out of its leaders that don’t actually accomplish anything except champion the cause they failed to deliver. It’s a clever game and worthy of shameful scorn.

Some of the things that I am saying here might make you uncomfortable and you might think there is another way, perhaps a better way. Maybe a more “tolerant” way.

There isn’t.

Let me give you an example. Name one thing that you believe in that is still politically correct. You might be able to figure out one or two things, but the days are numbered for those also… unless you start to do something about it now.

You will either rise to this call to action or you will continue to feel the way you do. Feeling the way that you do is a direct result of your inaction to be who you are, do what you know you should do, and have the political environment that would result from being and doing those things. The problem is not “over there.” It is not the liberals, Democrats, Socialists, or something even worse. The problem is right here, much closer to home. When you gave an inch out of perceived fairness, they took a mile. When you questioned their fairness, they snickered and walked away. When they walked away, you complained, grumbled, and began to lose faith. And that’s why you feel the way you do. You can’t leave it to Hannity, Laura, Hilton, or Levin. The change for you starts with you.

Will you heed this call to action?

Memorize tenet number one: “The group that controls any point of political correctness controls the right or wrong of that point, regardless of prevailing law.” This should be your focus and will tell you precisely what your individual priorities should be. Remember, if you want a different outcome you need to start telling the story differently.

This is today’s political battleground (technically, it was yesterday’s, but we forfeited that round). As we start reclaiming our points of political correctness you should be prepared for howling; howling louder than the current impeachment hoax. And when you hear it, snicker, smile, and make them look more ridiculous than they make themselves look.

It will take a little practice. Start now.

The Prescription for The PC Pacifist aka Understanding The Art of Enforcement is just the beginning. It will accomplish tremendous things if you apply it, but it is merely Step One.

Step 2 through 10 will be released in sequence after reading Step 1. I hope that I am right about our character and there is a desire to turn this tide to our advantage.

If you have what it takes to join the battle to reclaim your country, here is a taste of what to expect on the road to Going Pro:

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Step 10 – Everyone Is Conservative

With nothing more than these 10 steps you will be armed for today’s political battleground. The only remaining question is; will you fight for your freedom?

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

– Ronald Reagan

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