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I want to take a few moments to tell you about what we are doing and why. All of this Coronavirus mess this year has changed our lives in ways that I doubt we completely comprehend yet. My business has been fortunate enough to survive, but I know that many have not been as fortunate. And somehow, with all of the shared misery and uncertainty, the leftists have escalated their attempts to paint us as intolerant extremists. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the only intolerant people that I observe are all leftists. They want to silence your views and values… in a country that supposedly protects free speech. I could go on for hours, however, the point is that big tech has also escalated silencing conservative voices.

Over the last few months we have redesigned the website a bit. The main site at https://www.ileanright.com is now a social media site and our regular blog site is now https://www.ileangight.com/blog. We did this to create an alternative to Facebook. A place where it would be safe for conservatives to speak their mind and share speech that is protected by the First Amendment. It is a simple site, and nowhere near the fancy sophistication of Facebook, but it is a place to start. As we build our membership we’ll build our site further. One of our group members, Sunny, has taken the reigns of our social media outreach. She has started to attract likes on our Facebook page, created a Twitter account, and will be promoting our new platform. If any of you would like to help Sunny please let me know and I will put the two of you in touch with each other. You can click here to check out our Facebook page. Please add your “Like” if you haven’t already, and signup to follow our page.

Now, in order for this new social platform to make a difference there are two things that have to happen.

  1. You need to sign up for an account. It’s free and pretty easy to use. Set up a header and profile picture as soon as possible or you won’t be listed in the recent users, which you need in order to be more easily found by people that want to connect with you. You also need to start posting your updates, photos, etc. to your I Lean Right account timeline. You can easily share your post to your Facebook page and it will provide a link back to your I Lean Right account timeline. This is an important step toward creating a viable platform.
  2. You need to tell every one of your friends, connections, and acquaintances to join you on the switch to I Lean Right. In fact, you need to insist on it.

If we manage to attract people to create accounts AND start using the platform instead of or in addition to Facebook we can create a platform that is truly designed by and for conservatives. If we do it often enough, insist upon it for ourselves, and insist that our friends and connections join us then we will outgrow our humble beginnings quickly. It is really up to you. This effort is really an exercise in social sharing. Please promote and invite people to join us. You can refer them to this post if you like.

You Are Here - Speak Your Mind

If we don’t act now you can look in the mirror to complain when you don’t get the results that you want out of our country’s political leaders.

Start now. Create an account. Start posting and sharing to Facebook and other social sites. Insist that everyone you know joins you.

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