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"When I implemented this text and automated voice system my response nearly doubled. Mass email no longer seemed to penetrate through spam filters and open rates continued to decline. The text, responsive email, and voice broadcast features have provided a better solution, with much less effort. I highly recommend I Lean Right."

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-- Derek Emery

Email marketing generates roughly a 4000% return on investment, or $40 for every $1 spent. But in today's mobile-powered America, it's not enough to use email alone.

Email open rates have been declining for years. Inboxes are overcrowded. SPAM filter are on  high alert. Non mobile-responsive messages are trashed without anyone ever reading them.

It's getting harder and harder for campaigns to get their messages in front of their dream constituents' eyes and make valuable connections with the people they serve.

The inbox might not be the same as it used to be, BUT... over 95% of Americans own a cell phone... and they're checking them approximately 85 TIMES a day!

The I Lean Right program is a proprietary multimedia autoresponder platform (we own it) that leverages the consumer shift toward mobile devices. Simply provide your messages to us and the platform will automatically deliver mobile-responsive email, SMS text messages, MMS picture messages, and voice messages directly to your constituents’ smartphone (which is typically within arm's reach 24/7).

We're With You All The Way

All of us at I Lean Right work with the objective to do what we can to help our fellow conservatives get elected in as many city, precinct, county, and state offices as possible. We do this by boldly embracing who we are and getting to know our clients. The more we know, the more we can do to help your campaign succeed.

We developed a program to help get your message out without being banned on social media, without spending a fortune on TV advertising, and without extra staff. Our program is affordable and cost-effective.

I Lean Right will take care of all the details, start to finish. All you need to do is supply your message copy or audio and delivery schedule.

We Can Send Mobile-Responsive Email, Text Messages, Picture Messages and Voice Broadcasts in a Single, Automated Sequence

We will work with your communications team to set all your constituent communications to autopilot. I Lean Right staff will setup as much as possible in advance, so that any additional message can be broadcast within minutes of receipt.

We can all of these message types, mobile-responsive email, text messages, picture messages, and voice messages in any sequence that you want, and we can program it in advance if you have a sequence that you want to use. As long as your list includes mobile numbers and email addresses we can deliver your messages in date and time sequence.

The only other companies that can do this are so expensive that you wouldn't consider them. Our program is so affordable that you might think we made an error.

Don't get trapped In The Maze...

The dreaded campaign maze

Our system lets us select the message type that you want to send. We click the type, paste your message into the system or upload your audio, and click send. Or, we schedule it for the precise day and time you choose. It doesn't get any simpler than this.


What if you could streamline all of your mobile marketing efforts so that you could build powerful connections, build rock-solid, trustworthy relationships with your constituents, and dominate the competition in the direct contact department… while saving yourself time, money, and frustration?

We Bring The Tools To The Table

The Secret To Hyper-Responsive Lists

Have you ever heard of a guy named Scott Goodstein? He's the guy that crafted Obama's text message outreach program in 2006 and 2007. “If you have a text message list of 10,000,” says Goodstein, “that’s equal to an email list of 100,000.” They ended up with millions of subscribers that could be contacted directly, and expect to have that message read by over 90% of the recipients, within minutes of clicking the send button.

We're not as interested in the fact that he did it, as we are the how and why he did it.

But that's old news. The real news is what it can do for your campaign if you know what to do, how to do it, and can practically automate it. Once we have their permission, they are in the fold, and we can continue to tell your story on an ongoing basis... all the way to the ballot box.

On average, only 20% of your emails get seen. But you can instantly get up to 40% higher open rates with this I Lean Right's mobile-responsive email feature.

Even better – I Lean Right delivers SMS (text) messaging that boasts over 90% open rates, and most text messages are opened and read within just 3 minutes.

With I Lean Right's system, you can say goodbye to that tiny trickle of response from your list because we know what it takes to convert normal subscribers into loyal, raving fans and advocates. With every opened message, you'll be building trust and nurturing a lasting relationship that turns strangers into believers.

Once a new subscriber opts in, the platform automatically delivers your multimedia message sequence directly to constituent's mobile phones. There's no better way to ensure your message gets into the hands of the right people at exactly the right time.  

Establish Instant Credibility

The I Lean Right platform is equipped with voice broadcast automation that can be used to build instant credibility, authority, and loyalty with your subscribers.

Whether you're sending a personalized voice recording to someone after he or she opts-in or you're reminding your subscribers about attending your next appearance or event, voice broadcasting allows you to create instant credibility and build powerful relationships with constituents.

Because so few campaigns are leveraging this medium in the right way, you're sure to create an impact that's bigger than you can get with anything else.

Everything You Need to Build Lasting, Lucrative Relationships in a Single Platform

Do all this and more with the world's only integrated multimedia autoresponder platform.

80% of the People on Your List Who Could Be Giving You Money, Don't.

Whether you're a city wide candidate, judge or sheriff candidate, a candidate for the US House or Senate, or any other kind of candidate that's been trying to build an email list, average email open rates tell us you're accidentally losing a lot of donations.

Only 20% of emails get opened on average, leaving 80% that never even get seen by the recipient.

80% is 8 out of 10 people that don't even see your message.

Let's say you are asking your subscribers to donate $50.

That means that for every $100 that you do receive, you could be letting another $400 slip right through your fingers...

In other words, you're letting four times more than you received disappear.

These are just the statistical facts of life.

Start sending messages that actually get opened, clicked, and responded to. Build reliable, loyal relationships 24/7. Contact us today to find out how easy and inexpensive it is to put your outreach on autopilot.

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